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Free Metronomes
Find some free metronomes to download and use on your computer.

Free Online Guitar Tuners
It can be really hard to find decent free online guitar tuners, but we managed to find one.

Free Blank Tab Sheets
Blank tab sheets can be very expensive to buy. Click here to download free blank tab sheets that can be printed.

Basic Guitar Chords
A chord is a set of two or more notes that are played together. However, some chords are quite commonly in music and it is possible to play many songs using only three chords. This tutorial covers the most important fifteen chords.

How To Read Guitar Tabs
Guitar tabs are used to record guitar music. Read this free guitar tutorial to find out how to read guitar tabs.

Guitar Tuning
There are many methods of tuning a guitar. Read this tutorial to find out how to tune a guitar to concert pitch using standard tuning methods.

Free Guitar Chord Charts
Click on this link to find the ultimate in free guitar chord charts. This chart really does show every chord ever written down and comes in PDF format.

Good Guitar Practise
This tutorial covers some tips on how to learn to play guitar, and gives advice for learning new topics in general.

Free Guitar Tabs
Find guitar tablatures for all of your favourite songs!