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Download free online guitar tuner



This is by far the best free guitar tuner program I have come across. Using a microphone (or guitar if you have a MIDI input on your computer), you can pluck your strings and the tuner gives an incredibly accurate picture as to how much adjustment is needed to hit the required note. The tuner also allows you to switch between tunings, so you can tune your guitar for a dropped D tuning, for example. It also has settings for Cello, Violin etc. I have not seen a better guitar tuner anywhere.

Run the downloaded file to install the program. There is no confirmation that the installation is complete, so wait a few seconds then run the guitar tuner from the Start Menu. Then click "Evaluate".
Download APTuner



This metronome is not as easy to use as the yamaha metronome, but is does allow the tempo to be altered almost anywhere between 40 and 160 beats per minute. This metronome also comes with a tuner that emits the sound of a string for you to compare with, but this tuner does not compare with the others.
Download Metronome-Tuner