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What is The Bands Network?

The Bands Network is a web-based community of musicians and music-related 'things'. There is a resources section which has some useful tools for musicians; a partners page which contains links to other websites within the music industry (we're always looking for new partners, so feel free to register), but our main goal is to help musicians find other musicians in order to play together, develop their skills or even to form a band and make it big!


search for local bands and musicians

Search The Bands Network for musicians by country, state, province, musician type, or search for demos and photos too!

communicate with local bands and musicians

Send e-mails to other free users or subscribers and arrange to meet.

display 1 FREE advertisement

Free users are entitled to place one FREE advertisement on our website. The advertisement details what type of musician you are, what you are looking for, and location and contact details. You may remove or replace this advertisement at any time for free.

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create a public profile

You may make a profile with it's own web address that can be viewed by anybody all around the world. Use this as a HUB to host your photographs and demos.

display up to 10 advertisements

As with a Free user, a subscriber may place advertisements. However, a subscriber is allowed up to 10 advertisements at any one time. This is useful if you are in a band and are looking for several new band members.

upload 5 demos of up to 5MB EACH!

The Bands Network allows you to upload up to 5 demo recordings in WAV or MP3 format, that are less than 5MB long each (about 5-6minutes).

upload 5 photographs

Use The Bands Network as a HUB to host up to 5 photographs that are less than 2OOKB in size.

place your ads in newsletter

As a subscriber, you will receive a special newsletter that contains newly placed ads from your state that have been placed by subscribers and free users. Your ads will also be placed in the newsletter.

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