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Free Guitar Tabs

We have scoured the web for the best free guitar tabs website and found a handful that have tens of thousands of well written guitar tabs. Most of these sites have identical guitar tabs, tabbed by the same people on their sites, so it is quite difficult to find alternate versions. However, we found one website that has collected the variations that are floating around the Internet and they have placed them in a huge easy-to-search database of free guitar tabs. Fill out the search box below to search by band or by song name (the search results lists chords, tabs and bass tabs):

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What are guitar tabs?

Guitar tabs, also know as guitar tablature, is a method of writing a sequence of notes that can be played on guitar. It is easier to read than music notation, but does not represent the timing of notes and should therefore only be used as an aid to working out how a song should be played.

For more on how to read guitar tablature, please check out our How to read guitar tabs page

Having problems finding the free guitar tabs websites you want?

I have discovered that many people search using google for phrases such as: christian guitar tabs, easy guitar tabs, etc. If you are searching for any of these terms and are having a great deal of difficulty finding a site that gives you the guitar tabs you are looking for, then I would recommend first searching for bands that play the type of music you are looking for and searching for them using the search box above.

Common mispellings of guitar tablature

guitar tableture, guitar tabliture, guitar tableature