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Basic guitar chords

What is a chord?

Chords are groups of two or more notes played simultaneously, that hopefully sound good together, although it should not be assumed that all chords sound good. Guitar chords are usually played to carry rhythm throughout a song, and may have a lead guitarist playing a melody or solo over the top.

Fifteen basic guitar chords

There are fifteen basic guitar chords that you should learn and set this as a primary target when learning to play the guitar. However, at first, some of them will seem very difficult to play, so I have broken the group of fifteen chords down into sets of a few chords at a time. It is preferable to practise one chord until you can hear each note clearly, and then practise changing to all of the other basic guitar chords in the same group, smoothly and in time. The first two groups of basic guitar chords are all you will beed to play easy guitar songs.

Basic guitar chords (GROUP ONE)

E Major
C Major
D Major

Basic guitar chords (GROUP TWO)

G Major
A Major

Basic guitar chords (GROUP THREE)

Am (minor)
Em (minor)
Dm (minor)

Basic guitar chords (GROUP FOUR)


Basic guitar chords (GROUP FIVE)

F Major