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Free Blank tab sheets

Blank tab sheets and other blank music paper can be incredibly expensive to buy, so we have provided free blank tab sheets for anybody to use. Please feel free to download, print and distribute these free blank tab sheets and distribute them to anybody who could make use of them. If you use the HTML version, please set the margins to 1cm each before printing: (click File->Page Setup once the page has loaded).

Click one of the following:

Free Blank Tab Sheets (AS HTML)

Free Blank Tab Sheets (AS .RTF)
(Right-click link, then click Save As>)

Free Blank Tab Sheets (AS .DOC)
(Right-click link, then click Save As>)

What are guitar tabs?

Guitar tabs, also know as guitar tablature, is a method of writing a sequence of notes that can be played on guitar. It is easier to read than music notation, but does not represent the timing of notes and should therefore only be used as an aid to working out how a song should be played.